Presenter/Designer Info

2018 Presenter/Designer Info:


Jacob McCall AIFD, AAF, CFD, FSMD — sponsored by FTD

Jacob is a seasoned designer having over seventeen years in the floral industry. Jacob is experienced in all aspects of the industry including, retail, event, mass market, competition and education.

He was inducted into AIFD in 2010, that same year he represented the USA in the America’s cup that took place in Brazil. Jacob also won the Iron designer of America for two consecutive years, you may also recognize his face from the hit television show “Who’s Wedding Is It Anyways” where he would lend personality and expertise in floristry.

FTD recently added Jacob to its prestigious design education team. Jacob is the current winner of the prestigious Sylvia cup at SAF. Jacob works for the Elite flower based in Miami Florida and is the director of design & marketing, he has served on many committees’ as well as a former board member of southern AIFD.

Jacob also served on the FSFA Board as vice president. Most recently Jacob has been nominated to represent the USA in the Interflora World cup 2015 that will take place in Berlin, Germany. Jacob’s commitment for the floral industry and to AIFD is infectious, industry awareness and education is key to success!

Jackie Lacey AIFD, CFD, PFCI — sponsored by BloomNet

With more than 25 years of experience and ownership of shops in Tennessee, Texas and South Carolina, Jackie Lacey possesses an extensive background of design, education, and the retail floral market. Formally holding the position of Vice President and Wedding & Event Specialist for a retail floral corporation, Jackie now utilizes his experience to provide education and instructional design programs, market showroom set-up, private consulting, and design and event planning.

Jackie’s experience and a strong passion for sharing his broad knowledge were the driving forces behind the demand of continued growth and education through multiple stage presentations for state floral associations and industry leaders in education such as Smithers-Oasis, John Henry Company, and primarily the lead design instructor of BloomNet’s Floriology Institute in Jacksonville, Florida.

His design experience for national industry leaders, corporations, and collaboration in the development of pictorial and written publications is a testament to Jackie’s knowledge and expertise. His extensive travels across the United States and internationally allow designers from all backgrounds to interact with and benefit from their time with Jackie to perfect their craft.

Renato Cruz Sogueco
Business Instructor at Floriology Institute — sponsored by BloomNet

Renato serves as lead business educator at the Floriology Institute and Vice President of Digital Strategy at BloomNet where he develops digital products and services for network florists, and oversees the online brands and initiatives for BloomNet, NAPCO, World Flowers and the Floriology Institute.

He is the former Chief Information Officer (CIO) at the Society of American Florists (SAF) where he invested 20 years helping floral businesses adopt innovative technologies to thrive in the digital marketplace leveraging social media, search engine optimization, online advertising, shop automation and mobile. He is a frequent speaker at industry events sharing his expertise, writes a regular column in Floriology magazine and blog, and stays current of the latest technology, e-marketing and consumer trends that will impact floral business.

Stacey Carlton AIFD, CFD
FTD Education Consultant — sponsored by Bloomnet

Stacey is a second generation floral designer and educator residing in Chicago. Her extensive educational journey is supported by her life-long training in floristry, horticulture, and visual arts. Inducted into The American Institute of Floral Designers in 2010, she is an internationally published artist most recently in the highly coveted 2016/2017 International Floral Art Book by Stitching Kunstboek. Stacey is celebrating a three year consecutive win from Fusion Flower Magazine’s International Designer of the Year competition with four medals in 2016.

Her freelance work has taken her across the country to different markets of the industry most notably in California designing for elite clientele in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Barbara, and Montecito. As the owner of The Flora Culturist she prefers to demonstrate her natural modern design aesthetic in large scale installations, wedding and event decor, visual editorials, floral fashion, and street art. Stacey is passionate about advancing the artistry of the floral and horticulture industry by supporting design education and encouraging individual style and techniques.

Darla Pawlak AIFD, CFD, PFCI — sponsored by Teleflora

Darla Pawlak AIFD, CFD, PFCI is widely recognized in the floral industry for her creative talens and design skills. Her industry experiences are very diversified and encompass many facets, such as judging floral design, commentating, instructing floral workshops, and organizing and presenting programs at numerous industry events and conventions.

An active member of the American Institute of Floral Designers, Darla had the privilege of presenting a program at AIFD’s National Symposium in Chicago in 2014. In 2007, Darla became a member of Professional Floral Communicators International (PFCI), the prestigious group of floral commentators.

Darla’s designs have been featured in many books, magazines, and other publications including Flowers& Magazine, numerous floral selection guides, and the John Henry wedding and sympathy books. She is a member of Teleflora’s acclaimed team of Education Specialists and has shared her talents and presented programs extensively throughout the United States and Canada. She is dedicated to education within the industry. Her passion for flowers is not only enthusiastic but also contagious.

Darla currently works in China where she is responsible for product development and design for a large international company. When not traveling, Darla also works as a freelance designer for a large event company.