There is a wide variety of reasons why floral certification is important. Whether you are seeking to obtain a level of floral certification for your personal career or if you are a consumer seeking to purchase flowers for any occasion, knowledge about floral certification can help make a significant difference in your life.

There are many industries that offer certification. Certification is a means of helping to establish a proven standard in a field and also to help ensure to the consumer that an individual has met a certain level of education and/or criteria. Certification should make a consumer feel satisfied that the certified individual is well educated in that field.

In many industries, certification is linked to being legally licensed to perform certain tasks. To the consumer, certification can help ensure a professional is up-to-date on current trends, new products, proven techniques and safety protocol.

There are many industries that have people with and without certification(s) competing in the same field. Cosmetology, car sales and real estate are just some of the examples of where you can find both certified and non-certified professionals. In these cases, certification is a defining method by which a consumer is able to make an informed decision about which individual would best suit their needs.

In the floral industry, certification can mean many things. At minimum, a floral certification should show that the individual has met a given level of education and/or skill. But like the industry itself, floral certification is constantly evolving. Many levels of floral certification, such as a certification from AIFD, requires the individual to pursue continuing education in order to maintain that level of certification.

Professional designers should seek continued education and certification in order to keep up with the ever-changing industry and to help provide efficient, economic and thoughtful service to their clients. Consumers should inquire about a professional designer’s level of education and possible certification so that they can be sure the professional will perform as expected.

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