Saturday July 28, 2018
9am – 4pm
Location TBD — LR area
Limited to (10) participants

This class is closed. Check back soon for another class!

This workshop is designed specifically to work one-on-one with seasoned designers interested in competition-level design. There will be no “hand holding” in this workshop.

If you sign up to participate in this workshop, please know that you will be given the very best insights on how to improve your flower selection, design editing and floral placement values within a floral design with the intent to score as high as possible on an evaluation and/or competition scale.

Naturally we cannot guarantee you will win or even place at the next competition, nor can we guarantee you will pass national level floral certifications — but we can say that if you apply yourself to this class and you follow our techniques and advice, you should be able to see a great improvement in your personal design skills which will help to improve your competition scores.

Once you have registered for this workshop, you will be emailed a list of tools and information about the designs featured in this class.

This class is limited to (10) participants and we will stop taking registration once the limit is reached or until July 7, 2018, whichever comes first.