scott-picScott Brents CFD
Owner — Fairytale Florals, North Little Rock
Incoming AFA President, 2017

If you have ever attended any formal AFA event, chances are you have seen Scott Brents CFD scurrying around, dressed in the brightest, wildest attire, knee deep in fresh flowers and giant props, frantically building some enromous, eye-catching display. There is no doubt that Scott has one of the most creative and entertaining minds in all of the Arkansas floral community. No matter where he is, you can almost guarantee he will be buried in power tools and flower debris.

Scott has always been interested in art, graduating from UCA with an art degree and getting his start in the floral industry working for a now-extinct flower shop in Little Rock back in the early 90s. Scott eventually moved on and opened his own flower shop, Fairytale Florals, in 2001.  Scott says one of the best things about owning your own shop, “getting to work for yourself and to make so many others happy with your work.” Challenges are often a constant in this line of work and one of Scott’s shop challenges is “learning to be patient.”

Scott is a routine floral competitor and enjoys the unique creativity floral competition can bring (though he says he can do without the stress of a competition). Scott won the 2016 Table Top Design Competition, which is held annually at the Arkansas Flower and Garden Show. Scott often attends educational floral events held around the state and he encourages anyone considering entering the floral industry to seek additional floral design education.

Some of Scott’s favorite floral icons are Hitomi Gilliam AIFD, Arthur Williams AIFD, and Preston Bailey. Scott says one of his biggest design struggles is making corsages, yet he dreams of one day learning how to create floral art. He also has a goal of earning his AIFD certification! In 2016, Scott journeyed to the AIFD Symposium “Inspiration” in Anaheim, California to take the PFDE and scored high enough to earn his CFD certification! He said that going to Symposium was the most memorable experience in his floral career.

Scott joined the Arkansas Florists Association because he could not only “meet and learn from fellow members” of the floral industry but he also wanted to give back. For Scott, the AFA offers a unique and intensive opportunity “to build friendships and camaraderie,” not only within the floral industry as a whole but also from within our particular state and community.

When asked about a floral product or tool of his dreams, Scott responded, “a knife that never dulls” — a perfect response from a guy that is almost constantly whittling away at some floral project or event.