— Hands On Classes

You’ve got to attend these amazing hands-on classes at our upcoming convention!

These classes are limited to the first (25) paid registrants per class.
Get your tickets today!

$35 per class per student or $50 for both classes!

Classes are from 7:30am-9am on Saturday and Sunday. If you attend both classes, you will attend one class on Saturday and the other class on Sunday.

Class #1 — Designing with Orchids (tickets remaining: 21)
Sponsor: Amy’s Orchids
Featuring: Kebbie Hollingsworth AIFD, CFD
Description: Learn how to design using amazing orchids from Amy’s Orchids! Care and handling tips as well.

Class #2 — Designing Body Flowers (tickets remaining: 20)
Sponsor: Fitz
Featuring: Alan Masters AIFD
Description: Master of body flowers, Alan will show you how to create unique body flower jewelry.

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