Hello Arkansas Florist,

It is my honor to come to you today as your 2021-2022 President of the Arkansas Florist Association. I
began my career in the floral industry, 27 years ago, as a supermarket florist, in Malvern. My first
experience with the AFA was backstage at an annual convention. My experience was exciting because I
was  assisting designers from around the nation. The amazement of the creation and techniques that
were being used was inspirational. It made me want to learn more and inspired me to become the florist
and business owner I am today.

After many years of being involved in AFA, I learned correct design techniques, how to be a
commentator, and present design programs. Year after year, my knowledge grew and instilled in me the
skills of how to run a successful profit-minded florist. I became an Arkansas Master Florist and went on to become a member of the American Institute of Floral Design. Education is at the heart of all my achievements.

Education is at the center of our goals, and as your board and president, I have been planning and replanning educational opportunities. These last two years have been a challenge in many ways for florists across the state. You met those challenges head on, with determination, meeting the needs of your communities.  

Looking forward, the Arkansas Florist Association board is eager to provide educational experiences for the spring, the annual convention and other education opportunities. This Spring, on March 19, 2022, A Day of Floral Education and Inspiration will be held at the Wyndham Riverfront. Our annual Arkansas Florist Association Convention “INSPIRIATION”, Arkansas Cup Competition, and Mid America Cup will be returning, and is scheduled for September 8-12, 2022, at the Wyndham Riverfront. 

We are so elated to be planning events once again!  It takes a lot of volunteers to put on these types of events. There are plenty of opportunities to be a part of it all.  If you would like to help, in any capacity, with these upcoming events, please send us a message.  There is enough for everyone to be involved and we will gladly get you on a committee. 

I am excited and truly honored to serve the association as your president. Feel free to contact me with any ideas, questions or if you're wanting to be more involved.


Monroe Cranford AMF, CFD, AIFD 
2021-2022 President Arkansas Florist Association