I would like to start with an acknowledgment to the amazing year we had in 2019. Under the direction of President Norwood we were able to grow our association stronger and continue a standard of excellence that has been found here in Arkansas’ Floral Association since the days of black and white television.

For well over 65 years this association has exemplified a dedication to excellence through education, competition, and camaraderie. I have been involved in the Association for over 25 years in one capacity or another and I can personally attest to the quality of the members that currently serve as our Board of Directors and as our committee members.

I have seen the best of my generation. I’ve known the leaders from the past. I also see a younger group coming on that I’m very encouraged by. As we enjoy a prestigious past we also see uncertain times, but I feel assured we have a bright future ahead of us.

As we press our way through 2020 I want to extend my deepest appreciation for being able to serve as your Association president. When I campaigned for a position on the Board, I did so on the grounds that I would remember our past accomplishments and that I would do my best to continue building on those traditions, and so I will. I, and the Directors, want you to know that we are open to your opinions, comments, and thoughts on anything we’re involved in. Remember, the more we communicate, the closer we are. The closer we are, the stronger we are.

I would like to invite everyone to the 2020 Convention at the Wyndham Riverfront Hotel in North Little Rock on August 20-23, where we will be celebrating like a bunch of hippies as we salute WOODSTOCK. Three days of peace, love, and music and the birth of Flower Power. Come and remember the time when free spirits changed the way we see the world with nothing more than love and flowers. We echo their voices everyday in the art we create in our flower shops, ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE!

Peace and Love,
Chip Philips AMF, PCF

Brenda’s Florist — Batesville, Arkansas
Arkansas Florists Association — President 2020